While there is no doubt that The Way to Happiness is a very useful tool, the fact is that it is only so valuable in that it is shared with and used by many.  Whether one wishes to share this powerful moral code with family members, friends, children, co-workers or even complete strangers, there are a variety of means by which to do so, including:


  • The Way to Happiness audio book - this is a perfect tool for anyone who prefers to listen to the twenty-one precepts read aloud, whether in the car, on long commutes to and from work, on vacation trips or any time.
  • The Way to Happiness Children’s Activity Book - this is a forty-four page book designed to introduce the twenty-one precepts to children in an easily understood, fun and interesting way.
  • Custom cover editions - this is a great way to promote The Way to Happiness through your business or group.
  • The Way to Happiness Illustrated Poster - this is a very visual way to bring greater understanding to the twenty-one different precepts and how they affect one’s overall happiness and well-being.
  • The Way to Happiness public service announcements dvd - this dvd presents true-to-life examples of each of the twenty-one precepts and can be quite effective in demonstrating the power of their application.
  • And much more!


No matter how you desire to spread this valuable tool to others, there are products available to assist in your efforts.  Contact us today!

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